Welcome, mon ami!

I'm Emily, a multidisciplinary creative with a passion for art, design, fashion and all things French! I currently live in NYC with my fiancé Nick and our maltipoo Roger, where I run my own textile print & design studio.

Recently, I came across a French phrase that spoke to me so truly, it inspired the creation of 'Ula Bloom lifestyle blog.

The phrase is “L’art de vivre” and it translates to “the art of living”—but more than the literal meaning, it is a way of living with an appreciation for detail, aesthetic, and creativity. It is the knowledge of how to live well & fully.


I believe that creative expression is the key to a more content and joy filled life.  Whether it be through what we wear, how we style our homes, how we entertain, sing, dance, read, draw, write, or plant. The possibilities for cultivating creativity are endlessly exciting.

I hope you’ll join me as I explore this concept ~ ways to make even the seemingly mundane, beautiful, intentional, and artistic.

xx Emily